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Wicker Furniture

Today, at the next stage in history, wicker furniture again won enormous popularity. Various types of wicker furniture can be found both on the verandah cottages, and a large living room Moscow apartment. Technique of weaving furniture and household items from a variety of natural materials known to people since time immemorial. In the cultural heritage of many peoples basketry occupy a worthy place. Vine, vines, reeds and Straw, the former for centuries as an apprentice affordable raw material for furniture making, entering into fashion in the early twentieth century, began a highly valued, and their products have become an obligatory attribute of country houses and fashionable shops. So, you bought the product, wickerwork, and no matter what it is – a table, a chair or rocking chair. These things will you with its warmth, an inner light because they are made from natural, pure material by man.

They enclosed shower master of his art, his mastery. But just for a while and your purchase is a little bit of creaking and then did publish the plaintive sounds. Do not despair, not all as bad as you might think and can still be correct. As soon as you hear even a slight creak of your wicker furniture, simply cover the product on a damp night with a sheet and in the morning it will again as new. And what would your furniture is not cracked, this procedure should be carried out at least once a month and there will be no problem. If in your home humid or you accidentally wet your furniture, just leave it at night in well-ventilated, dry room with an open window, it dries out, and again will serve you as before. Follow these simple rules and your wicker furniture will serve you for years. All the best, and remember that things made by hands, bring kindness, joy and warmth into your home.