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Cheese Cottage

Cottage cheese has always been a popular diet food and for good reason. Here’s one look more closely how cheese can help you lose weight. What is Cottage cheese? Fresh cheese made from curdled milk serum. That can make skim milk, milk, low-fat and whole. Cottage cheese is an important source of dairy products. The […]

Vacation Rental Cottages

Spain is a country rich in Sun, sea and good weather. The climate that we enjoy in our country is the envy of many citizens from all over Europe, who come to our shores each year to spend a few days of rest and good temperature ensured precisely for that reason. Without a doubt, we […]

Modern Wooden Houses

Urban trends are changing and a proof of this is the increasingly common construction of wooden houses, which is slowly becoming the preferred choice of those people who decide to build a country house. In recent years the construction of wooden houses is no longer an alternative for those people who only wished to develop […]

Basque Government

Through the Foundation Hazi (Corporation of the Basque Government for the development of the Rural and marine environment) and Nekatur (Association of farmhouses and cottages in the Basque country), in Holy week was running the pilot project for the promotion and marketing of Basque agri-food products through 31 farmhouses and cottages of Nekatur (9 of […]

American Psychiatric Association

Many parents are puzzled about ADHD and ask Is ADHD real? How could so many children suffer from it? Why is there no legitimate medical or clinical test which would clinch the diagnosis? There are so many questions and so few definite answers that you can understand why parents are still ask this question ADHD […]