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The Fishing Village Fazana

Fazana is a small fishing village on coast of Istria in Croatia. The village is situated on the Croatian coast, eight miles northwest of Pula. Fazana has a small port with a beautiful beach promenade. A voyage to the island of Brijuni, which is also a national park enables the small port. Already in ancient […]

Free Application Assistance For Schools In The Greater Munich Area sent application snap many school leavers of in recent years have it already successfully used the application etiquette by In him the future school leavers get valuable tips and tricks to make your first applications demanding and to adapt to the requirements of the free economy. A poorly crafted or inappropriate application can […]

ABAS United States Opened New Offices In Canada

ABAS ERP brings flexibility and upgradeability to the Canadian market Vancouver/Toronto, Canada, July 20, 2010 – the ABAS business solutions Canada is the new abas software partners in Canada. The subsidiary company of ABAS United States headquartered in Vancouver and Toronto offers existing and future customer support and service on site. Numerous companies have already […]

Yes, We Can! Bizerba From Balingen

Bizerbas management draws positive balance sheet for the first half of 2010 Balingen, July 21, 2010 – for the first two quarters of fiscal 2010, the solution provider Bizerba from Balingen draws a positive balance. Overall growth in the double-digit percentage range is increasing so Andreas herb, Managing Director at Bizerba: we were able to […]

The Impetus

It requires strong conversational, innovative and above all but open communication. This is the actual Message: We must learn the rules of the social Web, and daring at the same time new ways. Keyword: Rules and entry into social media. What’s the way then? For many of our customers from the financial industry, we find […]