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Biography Elizabeth

Biography Elizabeth Short was born in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. She was raised in Medford, by her mother, Phoebe Mae, after her father, Cleo Short, the left her and her four daughters in October 1930. Suffering from asthma, she spent her summers in Medford and winters in Florida. At age 19, went to Vallejo, California, to […]

Full Tilt Boogie Band

Once there, Albert Grossman, Janis proposed to a new band, the Full Tilt Boogie Band, and Janis, and disengaged from heroin, but not alcohol, agreed. David Niehous wanted to travel the world and offered to go with her, but Janis chose to stay with his audience and his music. So, Janis got along very well […]


The mod movement (of English modernism-modernism) was a musical and cultural movement based on fashion and music that developed in London, United Kingdom in the late 1950s and peaked during the first half of the 1960s. The followers of this movement became known as mods, and were located mainly in southern England, but also were […]


MVRDV will build a new urban district on Lake Tirana in the Albanian capital. Tirana Lake is what gives life to the city. The master plan for the neighborhood is the urban reconstruction and creating a space for a park, lung of the city, with recreational areas, new public spaces, among others. The dispositions of […]

The judicial process

The judicial process of closing the Spanish police for years investigated the relationship between Egin and ETA, including the source of ads in Egin allegedly used to send greetings and messages to prisoners accused and / or convicted of terrorism. According to investigations by the Guardia Civil, Egin, performing work of “ideological dissemination ‘, and […]


The North Tower at The Point in Aventura was built in 1997, the North Tower sets standards in design and luxury for all future towers of The Point. With 32 plants at the entrance to The Point on Yacht Club Drive, the white tower, harmonizes perfectly with the vivid blue and green colors of South […]

Amaya, a navy of Olite.

The familiar sounds of summer, the air of celebration, fireworks, wind, thermal, hubbub in the port, we are in August and the European summer days are in their higher signal. However, the sea remains true to its rate of winds, tidal wave, of light and shadow. When more heat makes the day, paradoxically shortens and […]

Songs that make me feel good

Today I was thinking that in my life have been to listen to songs, regardless of mood or situation in which I find make me feel good. For example, one of which I think is a great song is that plays Andre 3000, of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”, the song is very cheerful, rhythmic and catchy, […]