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Quark Consciousness

Dance reality, trances and own growth the entire observable and measurable universe is the expression of a consciousness of acting. An awareness that life creates, like the rose flowers. We are expression and origin of this consciousness in one\”writes Hans Rosegger. We are the Aladin, rubbing at his magic lamp and we are the Jinn […]

Literature Form

In the house-schools, the pupils decorated poems with the knowledge, numbers, grammar, philosophy, etc. With clay books and the poem use, they could themselves be transmitted much thing with little material. These books were in the libraries, since if it could not load a book of ten kilos there pra and pra here. Learn more […]


In Brazil, and consequently in Sergipe, these changes delimit in the horizon which tsunami involving in them, only the forts, the determined ones, the destemidos ones, will be able to sail in these turbulent waters that if approach. We live difficult days, the extinguishing of the vestibular contest, the definition of new educational parameters, desestabiliza […]

Application Manual

A manual on the application itself we would still have forgotten to give, and therefore nothing to read "(" Maskin "). To my great regret, in this case, dear Boris Kriger in some degree of fault. He is too optimistic and unduly expands the readership of his books. Carrier follows long-standing procedures to achieve this […]

Mother and Son Relationships

Luciana de Queiroz Integrated Facultieses of Ducks the relations between mother and son are represented, in the arts and even though in mythology Greek, as the relation of Demter and exemplifica Persfone well. To say on mother and son, in the culture Christian occidental person, takes in them to form, the image of a close […]


Now it makes to feel its power. What it had seen in clouds? Indifference of the cosmos To leave us so next to the nothing Lost in the existence of truths and wounded by the constant lie. One invented eyeglasses called currency symbol. We are transparent. It swims can in them consolidate Everything in them […]