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Cottage Cheese

1 pack of cottage cheese (I have a pack of 9% cottage cheese 250 grams) 1 cup rice (I figure 'Jasmine') 2 cups milk (for cooking rice) 2 cups frozen berries may be larger (pitted cherries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries all that love) – I've got 300 grams of frozen pitted cherries. 1 package vanilla sugar […]

Construction Cottage

Pockolku most citizens are not provided with enough to acquire a large and not very locks, here it will be to build a cottage. We offer a first study the possible costs of constructing and consider all the less important stage. First, you must first calculate the cost base. To do this: A need to […]

Quality Renovation Today

Of what constitutes a perfect repair of an apartment or cottage? The first and basic requirement – the quality of work performed and materials used for this purpose. Important here is absolutely everything – from what it is technologies are applied builders before, what their qualifications. Equally important is punctuality artist – or cosmetic repair […]

Application Manual

A manual on the application itself we would still have forgotten to give, and therefore nothing to read "(" Maskin "). To my great regret, in this case, dear Boris Kriger in some degree of fault. He is too optimistic and unduly expands the readership of his books. Carrier follows long-standing procedures to achieve this […]

Lightning Protection

Nature is unpredictable, but the people who know that St. Petersburg. Now it pleases you clear sunshine, and within fifteen minutes of sudden gusts of wind carry your favorite hat and pull out of the hands of a newspaper with which you are pleased rested on a bench in the park. And now the big […]

September Story

Since they were born on September 15, 1810, Lupita and Cuauhtemoc lived in a magic cottage (the curve of time toward which they reacquired only one of every ten years); Magic was also his life, in which Ms. Gobe was responsible for everything and discuss them as his father Miguel, had built the magic House, […]