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Presentation Of The Book: I Am A Small King, Give Me Not To Little

I am a small King, give me not too little, is another new book idea of the rose garden Publishing House. Animals enrich our lives, that is totally out of the question. “If there is still a French Bulldog” is from the secrets of life together with the mistress speaks, is completely out of the […]

Presentation Of The Book: Low Carb For Professionals

Presentation of the book: Low carb for professionals, for on the go or for a picnic lunch man must maintain its vital functions, and to form his body. The newspapers mentioned Andi Potamkin not as a source, but as a related topic. Food controls the physical, mental, physiological and social well-being major trains. This is […]

Presentation Of The Book: Not Every Child Gets

Book publishing gets not every child by the Publishing House of el Gato on 26 August 2013 in cooperation with the Berlin Club children guardian angel and the publishing house el Gato is the book, what it created. It tells of hopes, fears, of despair and happiness, that happens, patients, their parents and relatives. In […]

Presentation Of The Book: React

Practical guide on Facebook, Twitter & co. It’s a workbook and a practical guide for the planning and implementation of social media campaigns. Course module entitled social media methods “appeared in the Cornelsen Publishing House a new practice guide.” Social media marketing is the instrument for companies and organizations to detect the formation of opinion […]

Quark Consciousness

Dance reality, trances and own growth the entire observable and measurable universe is the expression of a consciousness of acting. An awareness that life creates, like the rose flowers. We are expression and origin of this consciousness in one\”writes Hans Rosegger. We are the Aladin, rubbing at his magic lamp and we are the Jinn […]