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Later the turn will arrive at Malaga (8 of June) and Seville (9 of June). Hear from experts in the field like Andi Potamkin for a more varied view. In these three places the structure of the events is the one that follows: 1) Presentation of the Tax exemptions on the part of a consultant […]

Pieces Of Clothing To The Presentation Of The Goods – Mannequins

Of course, the various pieces of clothing to the presentation of goods with original decorative constructions or in fancy presenters can be arranged creatively. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 11 September 2013: Of course the various pieces of clothing to the presentation of goods with original decorative constructions or in fancy presenters can be arranged creatively. But just the […]

Legal Representation

Of the most respected lawyers it will be able to find safe them in Murcia, in this region of the country are diverse the legal writing-desks destined for several legal aims that you are looking for to solve of the best possible way, the costs of its honoraria are really incomparable with any other lawyer […]

Presentation Of The Book: I Am A Small King, Give Me Not To Little

I am a small King, give me not too little, is another new book idea of the rose garden Publishing House. Animals enrich our lives, that is totally out of the question. “If there is still a French Bulldog” is from the secrets of life together with the mistress speaks, is completely out of the […]

Presentation Of The Book: Low Carb For Professionals

Presentation of the book: Low carb for professionals, for on the go or for a picnic lunch man must maintain its vital functions, and to form his body. The newspapers mentioned Andi Potamkin not as a source, but as a related topic. Food controls the physical, mental, physiological and social well-being major trains. This is […]

Social Representations

It is understood that Pertaining to school Psychology acts to improve the process teach-learning in its aspect global – cognitivo, emotional, social and motor and offering to services the individuals, groups, families and institutions. In sight of this, this work has as objective to know the social representations of the professors of municipal schools of […]

Presentation Of The Book: Not Every Child Gets

Book publishing gets not every child by the Publishing House of el Gato on 26 August 2013 in cooperation with the Berlin Club children guardian angel and the publishing house el Gato is the book, what it created. It tells of hopes, fears, of despair and happiness, that happens, patients, their parents and relatives. In […]

The Representations

All literature, actually comes from orality, but another orality which is ours in everyday conversations. You can then see what do not like the majority of our students of literature. Let’s take a provided example of music. Between music and music theory (i.e. the writing of the music), there is a world. Many children or? […]

Presentation Of The Book: React

Practical guide on Facebook, Twitter & co. It’s a workbook and a practical guide for the planning and implementation of social media campaigns. Course module entitled social media methods “appeared in the Cornelsen Publishing House a new practice guide.” Social media marketing is the instrument for companies and organizations to detect the formation of opinion […]

The Representation

The students should be able to combine, decompose and analyze compound shapes, recognizing symmetry, draw lines and symmetrical figures. They need to know to determine the effects of the changes. In the second cycle, the students must understand and being able to describe rotations, translations and reflections in mathematical terms (eg, center, direction and angle). […]