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History Maiquetia

History XX Maiquetia Airport (Sim n Bol var International Airport today) was inaugurated on 1 January 1945 by the President of the Republic Isa as Medina Angarita. The work began under the government of General Eleazar L pez Contreras in 20 acres of leased land hitherto used as an airstrip in the area known as […]

Getting Started

Getting Started XX The disappearance of the Western League in 1963, the Zulia region quintessential baseball, lost his favorite pastime, leaving that legendary rivalry between the pastor Dominica and the Hawks, dating from the thirties, in the memory. Centaurs, Racing, Cabimas, broadsword, Orange, Victoria and Cardenales de Lara, were the other teams that encouraged these […]

The commander of Prensa Latina

On the anniversary of the founding of Prensa Latina, prologue Rodolfo Walsh wrote in 1969 the book “Those who fight and those who weep.” The book Those who fight and those who mourn is testimony to the Argentine journalist Jorge Masetti, his foray into the Sierra Maestra, in pursuit of interviewing the leaders of the […]

Livestock The

Livestock XX The livestock sector is a more modest, if possible, with 23 of agricultural production. Livestock has always been an island for domestic consumption. The shortage of forage grass has always been an obstacle to livestock development. From the traditional cargo cabin survives only a small remnant of camels for tourists. It is the […]

volleyball Volleyball, volleyball,

volleyball Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball or just volley (from English: volleyball) is a sport where two teams face off on a flat pitch, separated by a central network, trying to pass tickets. the ball over the network to the floor of the attacking. The ball can be touched or driven with blows clean, but can […]