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The current trend in the coatings industry – an exception from the LMC volatile and toxic solvents is not spared and the scope of parquet lacquers. On the shelves of Moscow stores can often imported to meet the waterborne parquet lacquers and acrylic akriluretanovoy basis. Their advantage, in addition to environmental and fire safety, is light in color – they are virtually colorless and do not change color flooring, a lack – a complicated technology use: in most cases they require special primers and applied to a large number of layers than all of the above parquet lacquers. In addition, parquet lacquers water are the most expensive of all these types of coatings. Given the advantages and opportunities of water paints, some domestic firms have started, though still timid, develop their production. Recently Digital Cameras sought to clarify these questions.

The most affordable are the Alkyd varnishes (PF-231) and acid-curing lacquers (MCH-0163), but modification of epoxy coatings (EP-2146) and urethane (AU-271) resin slightly increases their value, with significant quality improvement. It is easy to see also that the same product for different firm-sellers and dealers of large plants considerably, sometimes almost in 2 times but different price. This must be considered when buying parquet varnishes, conducting marketing search. The most expensive, though, and provide higher durability in use, are polyurethane varnishes and certain types of water paints. I would like to emphasize that Russian producers have all the potential to produce all kinds of parquet lacquers state of the art. Moreover, comparative trials paints from companies such as 'Lakme-Color' and 'Lakra-synthesis' have shown that the most important indicator-Resistance to abrasion lacquer coating of these firms exceed those of foreign analogues (eg, the Finnish company "Tikkurila'), while being significantly cheaper. However, the products of these firms is available in a limited tonnage and does not determine the weather in the capital market. Also need to consider the fact that the products of foreign firms tend to have a more comfortable and beautiful executed container and label.