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Chabrol Director

In its exercise, it delegates to the cinema director the total authorship on the film: The film is for the director as well as the book for the writer. The director carries through the film as its subjectivity and express who it is for the film. ' ' The author is one cineasta that if […]

Niclas Bychowska Is Regional Group Manager Of The Call Centre Association

Industry of the future should more be perceived Saarbrucken, November 8 Niclas Bychowska, Managing Director of Sparda Sofer headquartered in St.Ingbert, on 27 October, West (South) of the call center Association of Germany e.V. for a period of two years as the head was unanimously elected by the members of the regional group. As head […]

Setback For Debit Card: Large Companies Reject

Autumn meeting illuminated mood among travel managers that debit card by Lufthansa AirPlus is no acceptable solution for the purchase of Lufthansa airline tickets – at least for large companies for business travel and mobility management. That was payment batch on the autumn Conference for business travel and mobility management in food today on the […]


Considering that ' ' the modern man is an animal in whose politics its life, while to be alive, is in questo' ' (FOUCAULT, apud, DREYFUS & RABINOW, 1995, P. 148). Biopoder portraies the control or regulation of the population. Foucault makes is analysis by means of a social, historical, philosophical boarding and the genealogical […]

Poplars Knowing

I’m like step cicada my winters sustained in time and space. As Ant walk, very slowly, the blind mazes by inmates. As a woman I wrap a know us that allows us to be, like Topaz, transparent and which first preface – which raise the virtue to sustain us. But I’m intelligent animal as they […]

Sports Ends

Mendoza is the land par excellence of adventure sports. A place that seems intended to live intense emotions and become addicted to the adrenaline. Tourism in Mendoza opens up a range of almost inexhaustible possibilities to enjoy a world of adventure and vertigo that the city, with their worries and burden seems to be very, […]

The Article

Measures preventive is very difficult to point out preventive measures, even when the ILO has suggested some, for application in Social work professionals, based on studies of Breakwell, 1989, and Griffin (1995). For the first, the prevention of violence is based on training, management methods and modification of the physical environment, communication systems, or both […]