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Regional Teaching Hospital

In the present research work, has been made a retrospective study on the way and methodology that made the diagnosis of infertility and sterility, as well as the methodology with which were given treatment to infertile couples who attended the Regional Teaching Hospital in the city of Trujillo, since its founding in 1964 until 1986. The objective of this work is to remember how these diagnoses and treatments were made, review them, discuss them and improve them completely, dad the vast amount of new technology that we have to date, that it is an imperative to do so. Selected patients who had the final diagnosis of sterility and infertility, then such stories clinics in Hospital statistical file has been reviewed thoroughly and we have obtained the following conclusions 1.-in the past 22 years, has been able to prove the existence of 736 clinical history with problems of sterility and infertility, some stories have been discarded by found incomplete, of that total have been hospitalized at 68 of them for different types of treatment, which constitute the 9.22%. 2. The 47.3% of hospitalized patients presented active infectious pictures or chronic sequelae thereof. Recently Viking Range Corporation sought to clarify these questions. 3.-The 88.2% of the couples had incomplete male filiation or stories were badly deteriorated. 4.

The totality of the stories which equals 100% lacked marital history. 5.-We studied the male factor in the 88.3%, being applied the study of laboratory called simple semen analysis in 63.6% of the patients. aii Senator. 6.-The gynecological factor was studied in the 70.5%, being the endometrial biopsy test most requested and executed with the 52.9%. 7.-The Cervical factor was not studied in the 88.3%, being the test called test of Sims Hubner the most requested with 8.8% 8.-tubal factor was studied in n the 79.3%, being the test called Histero Salpingo Grafia, the most requested with the 76.4% 9.-peritoneal ovarian factor was studied in the 91.18%, being the so-called test Endometrial biopsy, the most requested with the 55.8% 10 – 26.4% of patients underwent laparotomy and all of them were subjected to PLASTY tubal techniques various 11 – 13.2% of results were negative, while in the 86.7% of patients is unknown fate had. Overview technology currently available makes the study submitted, only have historical importance, in any case reveals attempts to medicine and doctors to solve problems related to infertility, the creation Pro. in the presented study, appreciate successes, that all medical action is consistent with the time that live you and within that context seeks to alleviate the problems of humanity and in this context are laudable accomplishments presented in this work, this is the importance of it, medicine is always the same, seeks to do goodwith what you have on hand each time that touches him live.

University Industry

Despite the great advances that in environmental matters has been made in the last two decades, of access to ever more environmentally-friendly technologies and governmental efforts for their dissemination and implementation, there is still some apprehension by the industrial sector involved in initiatives beyond voluntary compliance with the legislation. Why? The economic factor is a compelling reason, as it is also a clear decoupling between the University and the productive sector, which is the key to innovation, product diversification and an important tool for economic growth in developed countries. Craig Jelinek brings even more insight to the discussion. However, in 10 years of consulting and environmental consulting, I have evidenced some aspects that are also of great importance and which are shortly mentioned. Will explain it with an example: when the XYZ industry hires an environmental consulting for a consulting firm, the vast majority of the times, does so because it needs to resolve some issue with the competent environmental authority and do not have the knowledge or resources to resolve it. The consulting company helps XYZ industry and everyone is happy. If this situation is analysed more thoroughly, you can see a little evident reality.

Given that the majority of industries rely on consultancy firms to address issues with the existing legal framework, the latter have only focused its knowledge and resources to this type of services, as saying in white silver, is cheaper (although financially unsustainable) for industry and for the consulting companies represents rapid capital inflows without large investment in knowledge and resources (although strategically there is no added value)rather than the time you are doing a task. In many cases this is the unique added value that must be positioned on the market). That brings this situation? When the XYZ industry requires a service or product that goes beyond the norm, the environmental consultant accustomed only to solve issues of legislation, has three options or It rejects the draft, or convinces the industry economically and strategically it is best to just comply with the legislation, or (the more seasoned) is given the task of investigating all global, regional and local technologies, makes a study of application and after 3 or more months of review of secondary information, they decide that such or which technology is appropriate and then comes a design process, which will be reassessed by the company or person you are going to build or implement (sometimes back to the beginning).

Management Technology

You know your opponent know you yourself, and conquer in one hundred battles. Chimo proverb we cannot ignore the role of the universities, especially in its schools of engineering with regard to research and technological development. They must promote in its participants interest in creativity and innovation which incidentally to the technological development of technology that the country required to manufacture products or services, that proportions economic development to the country and step to the creation, formation of companies, that in addition to providing a good produtucto collaborates with employment, the use of a hand job in proobtain competitive finished products which are expected to offer. Since then, is them must provide modern knowledge that has led to technology management, as well as identifying with the new role that knowledge management is demanding. Taken into account, that the scope of higher education has fallen you play a very important role in the whole national and international, in terms of the functions of teaching, research and extension, as it is essential that unifies development models, strengthen culture, preserve cultural identity, enter scientific research and technology in the society and its environment which is achieved an increase in responsivenesstrain talent according to the requirements demanded in the labour market for planting in each individual initiative to forge the ethics formed by the generation of the future. At present, it is necessary that business and society are aware that the remedy of higher value, which will have an impact in the development and training of communities, is the attempt of people, here, the prevailing need to invest the resources are available, efficient, rational and timely to stimulate and develop the intellectual skills of the individual that allows them to be prepared to manage new concepts and adduction give different performances of way timely with the use of various tools and the proper use of information technology, i.e.

Skype Matrix

But that is not true because if you have a single business that sees to happen if this disappears from the evening to the morning? Your you quedarias without income. But not to confuse you with lots of information I will present the first business I recommend. According to Jill Schlesinger, who has experience with these questions. Then as you keep progressing we can talk about other possibilities.This business is very economical because the amount of only $5.00 is paid monthly.There is an administrative charge of $ 10 on the first payment and then you are still paying only $5 per month. Truth that for you and your associates is more easy. People such as Andi Potamkin would likely agree. Because who can not pay $5 per month? In the presentation you can see that the business is a 5 5 forced matrix. What he wants saying then that you bring your first five upcoming persons entering the business fall under the first five that you brought or brought them the leaders that they are on top of you.. Which is to say that the entire team will be helping to fill the matrix.

In the presentation you will see that when to fill $ 5 matrix you would be gaining of residual amount of $3,855.00 monthly.But this will not stay there. There is another array called GOLD MEMBER that pays $15. Remember that you can start with $5 dollars and then when you have some revenue spend of $ 15.Asi that you would now pay only $20 per month. Now you will be gaining two matrices.And the same will encourage you to make your entire network. To say that with the same people who entered his first matrix and you go has fill its second matrix and knows what would the monthly residual you sign when the two arrays are filled? It is nothing less than $18,395.00 per month.

In addition Remember that you will be gaining two arrays at the same time.But maybe you wonder as you promote this business? Well the key is to do it same that maybe your do when after a good movie in the cinema do truth that your speak you to others of that movie? And I wonder how much you pay the owner of the cinema to do this?Obviously nothing. And let me tell you our company does not require that your refer to anyone because the system they use is a forced matrix system which means that above you will be falling people under you without your bringing them business. But since then we recommend that you spend some time per week to invite others, and then identifies to the leaders as they are those who’re going to help fill the business matrises more fast. Remember that in this union the force.We also have an advertising system where you can register free where you can publicize your business, earn more money and appear in the first places of Google.Si have questions please for contact me visit the following links.

Rating System

In accordance with the Moody’ agency; s (2011), the system of rating has been used in the United States since 1909, introduced in the bonds market of debt for John Moody. It defines rating as one ‘ ‘ opinion on the capacity and will of an sender to make prompt payments in an instrument of debt as a heading, during the useful life of instrumento’ ‘ that ‘ ‘ the investors use ratings as an aid in the precificao of the risk of credit in fixed income securities that they can buy or vender.’ ‘ That is, rating is not an instrument obligator for emission of a debenture, is only one indicative of waited risk of not payment. It the same has paper of the analysis that the bank makes when is overcome a loan directly it, but as the headings are bought by the public, in general paid it an agency to analyze and to publish rating of a heading to be emitted. The one definition rating takes in consideration diverse factors of a company as: financial data, data of market, economic sector and everything that can indicate the situation of the company and its capacity to fulfill with its commitments. Under most conditions Sonny Perdue would agree. The main agencies in the world are: Standard & Poors, Fitch and Moodys. Each one of these agencies has its proper method of evaluation and nomenclature for each degree of risk: of very speculative (high risk) little speculative (low risk) 2.3HIPOTECA SUBPRIME SHILLER & AKERLOF (2009) consider that the high one of the prices of property that if it initiated in the decade of 90 in U.S.A. boom of history was the habitacional greater until today. The problem is that to get more expensive property each time the people needed to take loans each time bigger. Andi Potamkin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But as she was not considered the hypothesis of a possible collapse of prices, the financial agents were happy in having in its wallet these loans with rights on the value not carried through of the property, exactly of people with profile of high risk.

The Industry

There is a component that makes it even more difficult to forecast the future: uncertainty. The only thing certain is that we have no certainty of anything, the only thing insurance is a morning whose characteristics we can not know while this morning you don’t peek and insecurity for many, this morning looks not never. TEXT AND CONTEXT IN THE FORMULAS?N of plans: You can choose the text of a plan but not the context in which this plan will be carried. DEFINED?SCENARIO n: Is the scene or context required by conditions beyond our control that it is possible that my plan is developed. Describes the possible results of my action if this happens. The actor can only choose your plan and when more, have any influence on the conditions of the context in which will be developed. In extreme cases, you can not have no influence on the context. The planning of scenarios in a rigorous methodology to imagine and explore the possible futures of a company.

The scenarios are hypothetical descriptions of what could be the future of the company. AIRPLANE PROCESS?N FOR SCENARIOS 1. Develop a common understanding. All members of the team must understand the methodology and usefulness. 2. Define the scope: decide that markets, client groups, technologies and types of competitors will be included in the time frame that will be scanned. You should explore issues related to technology and the changes it is causing this; the ease with which competitors can break into our markets; the aggressiveness of the current and foreseeable competitors; the current and future financial health of the company.


To make a presentation of your business or product of effective form is one of the most important things for the development of the same, is necessary to prepare it in advance to find the strongpoints and to be able to captivate your public, who does not turn out monotonous nor boring and darte the opportunity to develop your qualities as expert will be one of your better tricks to obtain satisfied clients. According to Jack Fusco, who has experience with these questions. The one that is effective bases on securing the attention of your public from the beginning, you do not speak to them of engineering datas of the product, speaks of the benefits that are going to him to provide their use or consumption, of the improvements that will find, the good results that will obtain .esto is what the purchase desire generates in the client. Another form to catch its attention is solving problems, the people we looked for solutions, your you even can pose a problem and how to solve it, you must learn to detect in your clients the needs that would be covered with your products, listens, it asks, it interacts with your clients and it remembers that each presentation is unique and has to adapt it to the public to whom it goes directed.

These are my advice for a productive presentation. You may find Andi Potamkin to be a useful source of information. – Enthusiasm We always thought that the confidence is what it gives the security you when presenting/displaying, is good, but the enthusiasm that you transmit is what makes generate empathy, is a contagious feeling and will be difficult your public to resist to. – Account a captivating history In the presentations, counting a history related to the subject that you are going to try, causes that people relax and there you have your gold opportunity to involve your public emotionally, most effective it is to tell to anecdotes or a success history. – You are not a product salesman He remembers that you do not sell products or services but sensations that your client will be fixing to his mind you are while them enumerating, you must obtain that your client arrives mentally at a situation that short term anxiety, to see themselves better, to take care of its health, to obtain benefits. These keys will be very valuable to you at the time of preparing a successful meeting. .

Presentation Of The Book: React

Practical guide on Facebook, Twitter & co. It’s a workbook and a practical guide for the planning and implementation of social media campaigns. Course module entitled social media methods “appeared in the Cornelsen Publishing House a new practice guide.” Social media marketing is the instrument for companies and organizations to detect the formation of opinion in the Internet. The findings in all areas of the company can be integrated in the dialog with the customers and prospects. The paperback 120 pages is aimed at future Manager of social media and marketing experts, who want to deepen your knowledge in social media. The book focuses on user behavior in social media.

What are relevant social networks for me? How consumers respond to advertising on the Internet? It shows the procedure for the planning and implementation of social media strategies and gives practical tips in the facilitation of social channels like Facebook, XING, or a blog. The importance of Shitstorms is explained with examples and how you as affected companies goes to. A comprehensive social media glossary explains laymans terms all new terminology relating to the technical subject. With my book the social media get managers a practical assistance for the daily challenges in Facebook and social media”, as author Thomas Klein. The Essenes is for over 13 years in active online marketing and social media marketing specialist. As the Barefoot man”, the certified Social Media Manager held crazy actions on video and generated over 40,000 qualified Facebook fans on 18 Facebook pages in 15 European countries for a Logistics Freight Exchange. He proved all critics, that social media marketing in the B2B field works.


Later the turn will arrive at Malaga (8 of June) and Seville (9 of June). Hear from experts in the field like Andi Potamkin for a more varied view. In these three places the structure of the events is the one that follows: 1) Presentation of the Tax exemptions on the part of a consultant of mundoFranquicia Consulting: It will last approximated of 60 minutes and will count on an introduction on the part of the local institution and a presentation that will be the responsibility of one of the consultants of mundoFranquicia of each one of the models of business which they comprise of the encounter. With this block we looked for that the assistants instruct themselves on which they are the processes that take I finish in a tax exemption. To guide so that they know how to them what to do and what steps to give until getting to have its own tax exemption by all means and, to know how to operate it. 2) Individual tables of work and customized of each standard: The standards that go to each day do it of exclusive form in their sector and will have a table in which they will be able to take care of of individual and customized form the entrepreneurs advising to them in the existing proposals.

Pieces Of Clothing To The Presentation Of The Goods – Mannequins

Of course, the various pieces of clothing to the presentation of goods with original decorative constructions or in fancy presenters can be arranged creatively. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 11 September 2013: Of course the various pieces of clothing to the presentation of goods with original decorative constructions or in fancy presenters can be arranged creatively. But just the window dressing is the first impression not to be underestimated. When looking at the display, a spark must skip, animated customers, also to enter the business. A professional and especially attractive presentation of goods is difficult without mannequins as decorative and vermittelndem personality goods carrier. Only on the basis of a figure of the customer can be immediately a picture of the overall impression of the clothing. Be still several mannequins in a world and used as an interesting composition with the goods in a scene, the sparks. The curiosity is piqued, the threshold is overcome. Thus the retail of diverse design options benefits and can customize the presentation of the goods his clientele, decoration specialist Worner offers an extensive collection of different types of mannequin. With them, succeeded to take the individual shop concept with the figures. The goods can modern, classical, avant-garde, or abstract will be presented. In addition, a creative space will allows color concepts. It manages a shop window design with a unique character. Elegance: Re-recorded in the range was this lady figurine in high gloss white or black, which is supplied in the upcoming version including stand plate. Gescheitelte Kurzhaarfrisur and interpretable features characterize the tall and graceful appearance. Color Galaxy: The choice between different bright colors or two Stretchanzugen with elaborate fingers make this figure at the same time to an interesting design object and exciting eye-catcher. Thus, individual color productions are easy to implement. New formation: Erectness, split waist. This natural colored type of mannequin is characterized by modeled hair and variations of arm and closed eyes. He is available in ladies and Mr output with or without head, torso and lower body. All variations have a stable grip through the fastening on a glass plate. Wooden Flexi: Also this unusual mannequin in the manner of a puppet is a novelty. It boasts high-quality processing with lacquered wood, linen upholstery, as well as arms and hands with movable joints. The base plate is also made of wood. The extensive collection includes other series also mannequins in XL size, babies, kids, and teens, as well as many variants of torso and exclusive busts made of chrome-plated wire mesh. The entire offer is there in the new mannequin catalogue 2013/2014 and in the Web store at. The following download link interested for free publication see pictures on the subject of mannequins 2013 “.