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Old Francisco Days

Before the settling In the start of century XVI diverse boats that were the way of the Basin of the river of the Silver they arrived in port in the Island of Santa Catarina to supply with water and provisions. Hans Staden, an adventurer and German mercenary, passed for the island published in its book […]

Real Estate Publication

The real estate market uses a series of resources to mobilize the purchase and sale of properties. These resources include electronic, because a real estate adviser counts with different platforms in the world of electronic commerce. Publish Classifieds venezuela is an option that allows the publication of any article or service in the network organized […]

POS Hardware

Problem automation in small institutions – is often automate specific business processes, the essence of the problem usually is to minimize the human factor. In our time, the bartender / cashier, even with a strong desire not can remember the assortment and prices of the goods offered. Therefore advisable to automate the actions of your […]

Piping Systems

Drinking water – a vital resource that requires maximum protection on the path from the source of water to consumers, that is to you and me. Network for supply of plastic pipes are used by firms engaged in supply of water for its supply to our homes. Inside the house they used to supply water […]

Russia Travel

Imagine you have plans to travel to Russia next year to vacation in this country. I think a report detailing the attractive places in which type of transport can go, what it's worth the trip on public transport, etc. . . What are the most attractive places for Russian tourists? Deserves attention going on vacation […]