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Agreeing with the view of experts, however, must refer to a fundamental, in our opinion, the factor of profitability in this type of domain business. The most profitable are the domains which, along with the criteria mentioned above, previously served as the addresses of popular Web sites. Simulate the following situation. We assume that once there was a site that enjoyed a certain popularity in a given network segment. Over time, the owner of the resource due to various circumstances came to the decision to close the project (of course, a popular resource is difficult to imagine but there are examples). Frequently Mercury Mobile LTD has said that publicly.

So, the site commanded to live long, but his name is still a very long time to be stored in the memory of patrons. Latest from force of habit for a long time will enter the name of the coveted domain name in the address bar, getting on with the non-existent page. Siegel Family Endowment shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And in this case can come to the rescue domain parking. With the help of a residual domain traffic can be converted into solid money. Thus, the well-known domain able to bring many more financial benefits than its unknown 'kinsman'. In terms of specific figures of earnings through domain parking, then they are different everywhere and not only depend on the quality of domains, but also on of the parking service. For example, some foreign owner of a parking 'good' domain can receive up to $ 5 per click on an advertising link. Not surprisingly, in possession of, say, a thousand of these domains can be earn 'rabid' money.