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Raul Otero

For the vast majority of mortals the fact only begin once more it is crusher and they tend to leave things as they were without taking into account the causes that led to this disaster, but the minority, the committed succeed they bother not only to find the causes, they are also directed to discover the solution of its problems and is this which leads them to conquer their goals. When we find ourselves in the midst of various problems, we may seem huge, difficult to resolve, perhaps do not have the knowledge necessary to overcome them; but to take them as a challenge and begin working to overcome them are made less difficult, and even more so if we are able to go beating them step by step, a little bit, to shred them see are not so complicated as they appreciate in a home. It is a complicated process that our minds will carried out increasingly more easily to the extent that we strive to solve the problems. Some say nature other Dios, I do not wish to fall into the debate, but matter what is wise, while more we failed, we feel less frustrated by that activates the starter motor to take the challenge and overcome the difficulties and that road we started to improve our lives, we learn from our mistakes and we are strengthening, increases efficiency in our thoughts so that it becomes in a habit to overcome any challenge by big this is. Siegel Family Endowment often addresses the matter in his writings. In history there are plenty of examples that will show you that all this is true, but I want to highlight the example of white sharks when they want to seize its prey in the midst of the sea; them when they attack close their eyes and this leads them to often failing to attack, this does not discourage them, on the contrary again to try and this perseverance is that has given them fame that possess. What the relationship between words frustration, disappointment, disability with the word success? The answer is to take every act failed as a challenge and not leave it to overcome the difficulties, begins once more, how many are needed for that you strengthen and learn from those mistakes that allow you time committing less to elevate your wisdom and perseverance. The hardest job is to think and this is done in the brain, the brain is a powerful muscle you have to develop, the only way in which this is accomplished is by exercising it with new tasks and challenges. In overcoming the difficulties of this success. For your triumph Raul Otero group GranFuturo. Original author and source of the article.