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Principle Fibers

It is in this way was obtained a new fiber "elastic." Its elastic properties it is bound only a new way of twisting the fibers ready, rather than chemical treatment. While the "elastic" are only making of nylon filaments, but in coming years, this principle will, no doubt, used to modify other types of fibers. Getting the "elastic" is very interesting in another respect. Until very recently, "time" duties "between chemical and textile 'industry divided as follows: Chemists offer new fibers, and textile workers had to adjust the processing to the specific properties of these fibers … Obtaining elastic fibers – the first, but apparently not the last example, when managing change in one of the main stages of processing can dramatically change the properties of filaments and, consequently, the quality of the products. But, perhaps, the greatest opportunities for the fibers with desired properties offers a systematic and consistent application of the principle of chemical modification.

By changing the chemical composition of the polymer from which the molded fiber, the composition of the fiber or even a finished product, you can not just get rid of non-deficiencies inherent in this or that kind of material, but also give him a whole new set of valuable properties. Here are a few examples that show how interest in this area. By varying the chemical composition of the polymer during its synthesis (this is called copolymerization) or in post-processing the obtained fiber (the synthesis of copolymers privmtyh) can significantly increase the hydrophilicity of some synthetic fibers such as polyester and polyolefin. Typically, these fibers do not absorb moisture nearly is, of course, worsened the hygienic properties products from them and restrict their range of application. The national economy needs, of course, and hydrophobic, does not absorb water – fiber. But they have a drawback – they are very badly stained. Also managed to fix it by chemical modification.