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Mesbah Yazdi

Therefore it would be better not to interpret his works.” Damad wanted to indicating that fundamentalism times Khomeini was rife and say that the situation has become even worse. Literally, he said: “religion is the science of the fraud in the name of Islam. Violence and hatred have displaced helpfulness and mercy.” Most recently postulated Damad to go back to the roots and to deal with the Koran. He praised also the book of Jurists from Andalusia, Shati, who lived 1000 years ago. The movement of those who understand Islam as a source of wisdom and mysticism, begins to stir. Just two days ago, Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili to the Iranian people begged forgiveness for what was done to them by the regime and called to excuse also the representatives of the regime to the crime. Khamenei’s ideological cleansing, hate proclamations and orders of violence have a huge deadlock resulted in.

There are the hard facts since end of may 2012 at least three interesting tracks, which can be seen from political decisions in the Iran. The philosopher tives with Ali Khamenei and member of Parliament Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel has lost the election to the President of Parliament against Ali Laridschani. Experts say Haddad-Adel was Khamenei’s favorite for the post, a defeat for Khamenei, point gain for the clique to the family Laridschani. Although both candidates faithful supporters of Khamenei, there are still differences. Haddad-Adel is considered Ahmadinejad’s supporters, while Larijani of the current Government’s past and future Parliament President repeatedly puts obstacles in the way. Rafsanjani has led intensive discussions lately with Khamenei over a most painless return of his son Mehdi Hashemi in the Iran. It accuses him of corruption and wants to make it to court. Khamenei should have promised probably the process lightly expire to Let.

But because Rafsanjani knows the methods of the regime, he asked also for collateral for the route between the airport and courtroom. This piquant detail is telling. At the same time, the former opponents of Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani should plan a political solidarity. That Rafsanjani again enters the political arena, is a strong signal for a change of strategy by Khamenei. It looks like the pressure got Khamenei, his old companions to get back into the ring. The clearest signal is the removal of Mohammad Yazdis and Mesbah Yazdi in the governance structure of associations and seminaries for clerics in Qom for a turnaround. They were symbolically for a hard-line stance and an Islam of violence. Instead, moderate cleric Ayatollah Reza Ostadi cause Javadi Amoli and especially the Friday preacher of Qom as part. It is not clear at the very high dynamics in the politics of Iran where that can lead. But it seems initially as Khamenei would be caved in. Helmut N. fork for