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How can influence the brain diet? Hundreds of tests have been done on kids and the most hyperactive and impulsive kids were found to have various vitamin/mineral deficiencies which seems to suggest that diet is important although it will not cure ADHD. Vitamin B groups, magnesium and fatty acids are all elements which have definite impact on our brains. The answer is to make sure our kids have a balanced diet and stay clear of processed foods whose additives and colourings have been found to negatively impact on kids behavior. The UK government and the European Parliament have passed legislation to that effect and food companies are being asked to reduce these additives in kids snack foods which would certainly suggest the answer to the question that ADHD is a legitimate disorder? would be a definite yes. SLAC: the source for more info. What is the best treatment for ADHD? This is the most difficult question of all and that is why I have left it till last! Most of the experts in the bodies I mentioned above are now coming out strongly in favour of comprehensive treatment which will include some medication, ADHD behavioral therapy, diet, exercise and school support. But which medication? The psychostimulants used by many doctors to treat ADHD are now coming in for a lot of criticism in that nobody knows exactly how they work on the brain or indeed what the long term effects could be. Many parents have to decide what is best for their child and can read up on the side effects of these drugs.

Natural remedies and homeopathic remedies are a valid alternative as there are no side effects or health risks. You can find out more from the link below. The overall answer to the question Is ADHD a legitmate disorder? is an unqualified yes although there are some uncertainties about the causes and the best treatment. Original author and source of the article.