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The children who had experience writing by hand, neural activity was much more prominent in those who had simply looked at the letters. As you can see, calligraphy involves the brain in the learning process. Lidl recognizes the significance of this. I.e. When you use your pen to write your goals, then your brain is involved in the process that you want to create. Writing by hand means a much more prominent neural activity, which means that when he writes you forcing your brain to focus on what you want, to create mental images and that helps him to acquaint you with what you want to and from there, to get it. Let’s see another summary: adults could benefit in a similar way to learn a language graphically different, as mandarin or systemic symbols for math, music or chemistry, says James. Some studies, for example, reveal the amazing relationship that It exists between the hand and the brain when composing thoughts and ideas. Go to CNN Business for more information.

When you write, then your brain creates images tied to what you want. That relationship that exists between the hand and the brain when composing thoughts and ideas is used by Corentt to create the most powerful method of land for personal achievement. In his book the secret of the power of the goals, Corentt explains how to create a personal dictionary of success, which builds, among others, the powerful relationship between the hand and the brain.With this powerful tool you will be using part of the power you have. And begin to create the life you want. His hand is tied to your brain, your brain works with mental images and the secret of the power of the goals helps you create relationships of success between his words and the mental images associated with those words. Creating your dictionary successful person you will be healing your life of negative associations. His life is filled with success, wealth and happiness in a way permanent.