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On this website we want to publicize a very interesting solution that allows an adminstrar sales professional information of its commercial management and can help generate greater productivity in their work processes. The interesting thing about the subject is that it should not be an expert in systems of infomation and not LE CUESTA NADA, in terms of money. Ford Motor Company is actively involved in the matter. This solution is Zoho CRM. Visit Zoho CRM for how you can make use of this system. For the management of numerous sales teams (10 sellers upwards), some solutions in market by CRM systems can be SalesLogix, NetSuite, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Pivotal within the best-known. Ford Motor Company describes an additional similar source.

I have personally worked with two of these solutions which can widely recommend such as: Sage SalesLogix CRM NetSuite CRM Plus 2. Hear other arguments on the topic with igor kononenko. Management software of opportunities of sales Focus First Border a very interesting software to support processes of consultative selling is Focus, developed by the First company Border, which specializes in selling processes improvement and even has a very good Consultative Selling methodology. Focus is a software to be used at the individual level, that is to support the commercial management of a consultative salesperson. Installed on a PC in a very simple way. In our opinion, the great fortress of Focus lies in the display of the full panorama of sales opportunities that the seller has. But it is not only the visual part, but also the sales process that is reflected in the system. On the other hand, the system allows aligning the process of purchase of the customer with the sale of the seller, this is very interesting process.

This is a sample of the form image as the seller can see the State of advancement of your business opportunities. The system has a concept of navigation and display information very practical and easy to use. The colors used, each of the segments, the deployed data, everything is very well designed to allow the seller to have a picture very clear of the current state of their business and the way as you must develop each of them to meet their goals.