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Fanny Sable

According to according to this bolt-like constructions in the lower floors would have arisen, which apart from two narrow 2 punctures the inhabitants of behind the residential development would take any view of the spree. Also the existing B-plan design does not resolve this problem together, connected, equally high towers and a redevelopment of the Fanny Sable road and a two-storey building of the rear floor piece 97 envisaging three above crossbars. This planning could be implemented much faster and without a new B-plan method, but is not wanted by us among other things due to the significant disadvantages for the neighbors of Fanny – Sable and Hansen road and will not be pursued”, Raghavan next. Instead the intense confrontation with architecture and grounds has shown within the framework of the competition, that a higher and more streamlined construction makes room for generous connections to the river Spree and retain diverse wide and views, as well as references to the river Spree.” Thus the winning design by Pysall Architects provides the realization of three point high-rise with heights from 63.5 to 110 meters. This succeeds in minimizing of the built-up area on a share of 20 percent of the total land. All three buildings are aligned so that their shadow blow on the Spree River Falls and therefore does not affect the neighboring buildings. A citizen Park with approximately 3,000 square meters of green and playing surface forms the Centre of the district. He covered the scheduled loading units that provide an invigorating mix of the quarter. The Burgerpark over generous through way points is also directly connected to the Spree River Road, which will be enlarged with the use of the land by 6.0 to 10.5 meters. I can understand that this draft urban convinced the jury by a subtle statement of three new high-rise building bodies in the context of the growing area and in relation to the particular location directly on the river Spree.