Cranberry Cottage

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construction and repair

Tatiana Romanova

When This raises yet another advantage: when using a pallet should significantly reduce the height of the room the bathroom, and drainage channel requires lifting the floor for laying communications only 90 mm. But this small increase in height allows, firstly, if you want to equip the warm floor, and secondly – self bias toward […]

Electric Rods

To replace exposed for classicism come more elegant and refined rods in the Empire style. Here, as a rule, there psevdokovanye lugs and brackets, fluted and twisted rods, and wooden rods radicals. Ideal for heavy curtains forged rods in the Gothic style, with a variety of configurations tips. Their specific forms give the room a […]

Site Soils Construction

You have decided to draft a future home and even found a company that you trust building. You, as a future owner, you need to once and forever remember the undeniable truth: the fate of your cottage at the outset construction and until its completion – in your hands. The material that you read below […]

Swimming At The Cottage

Without exception, all they want at the cottage to relax and unwind from city life. Make this holiday a full-fledged allow different things, from the bath to fresh air around. But when it gets particularly hot summer, everyone is looking for shade and water space. Well if the problem is far from a lake or […]