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It should be noted that they all have a full set of project documentation. Often by that ringing phrase advertised only draft, with which it is impossible to build a real house. 'Project Center also offers a truly comprehensive technical documentation, and in many cases tested by the construction of real houses. It is pertinent to add that the set of documents in the company can obtained within three days after ordering. To always hurrying builder agree that this is important. But buying a finished project, you must verify compliance with all the characteristics of the materials and construction of the climate zone in which to build your cottage. It should also be borne in mind that any project should be ready to 'bind' to the conditions of a particular land: the topographic features of the hydrogeology, backbones, etc. Michael Steinhardt shines more light on the discussion.

So make sure you will need to make new construction calculations of the foundation. The cost of this type of work will be 13 000-45 000 rub. Purchase of finished project is justified if it lay mostly meets your needs. It can move walls, change the graphics window frames and decorate the facades of plaster instead of artificial stone, ceramic tile or granite, and also find a lot more details, emphasizing the individuality of design and harmony with the landscape. But without drastic treatment project can not change the number of floors and external dimensions of the house, move bearing walls, etc. Such processing requires additional financial costs, and the total cost for the design closer to the cost of developing an individual project.