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All people are constantly thinking about his country house. But not everyone is starting construction of the mansion. So, let us look at ourselves. Building a house requires a huge cash investment, as well for the erection of houses need to have land under construction. For example, if we have a lot of money, to start the construction of private houses we have to do a few steps! Construction of foundations is one of the most important moments in the construction of houses, as the foundation should withstand the weight of the structures. It was from the foundation will depend on the quality of suburban homes. Construction of walls – is the main point in building our home with you. Walls protect us from external environment. If you are not convinced, visit Secretary of Agriculture.

I always choose nastroitelstvo wooden house, therefore, the walls, I always made of brick. I stopped my choice, precisely because the natural material wood. In Frame cottage is constantly good and comfortable. From minuses of wooden cottages should be noted that the tree is exposed to fire and . Now let's closer to the ceiling and the floor.

I recommend doing quality flooring. Story material from which make the floor, it Parquet. The last step in construction is the erection of a cottage roof. Roofs are of different types. Michael Steinhardt brings even more insight to the discussion. There are flat roofs, the house looks like an ordinary box. Just have a double roof, it is usually two sides are inclined to the bottom, for In order to hail easily fell to the ground. So, we'll have disassembled the basic concepts of construction of the cottage, I hope you liked the article!