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Swimming At The Cottage

Without exception, all they want at the cottage to relax and unwind from city life. Make this holiday a full-fledged allow different things, from the bath to fresh air around. But when it gets particularly hot summer, everyone is looking for shade and water space. Well if the problem is far from a lake or river, where you can cool off and regain health. But what if the outside of your home do not have either one or the other. This will solve the problem in your backyard pool site.

I'll tell you how to do it. Make a pool in the country is fairly simple. First you need to dig a small pit. It is better to make it rectangular. Choose to place on the hill, away from tall trees, general, to the sun was a little more. Digging into the depths of as much as you want the depth of the pool, the length of somewhere 4-5 meters and a width of 2 to -2.5 meters.

Fill it follows from the well or plumbing, and drain the excess water is better in a gully or drain. Bottom can be made at a depth of uniform or gradually going down. The walls make the red brick and at the bottom at intervals to prevent water leaks. Desirable to compress the bottom of the stone without mortar and drop below the bottom of the pit the level of the basin bottom. The land, which remained on the digging of pits use to us at the edge of excavation for the pool eyebrows. Necessarily need to drain the pipe with a tap at the end. You can make a pool of sheet metal joining cut sheet welding. To protect the metal from corrosion it is cleaning and paint automotive paint. Using the reservoir in situ concrete is also possible. Nowadays you can buy a ready pool of glass. Select any size, dig a trench it and voila. If the places in the country is small, can make a rooftop swimming pool or garage bath. It's even easier and more convenient. Water is less clogged and quickly heated by the sun. The choice of which only zavami do – from sheets of steel or polymeric materials. Water in this basin can be used as a shower. Just be careful with the strengthening of the garage, load it on him will increase.