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Technology Genesis Construction

Frame Technology Genesis Construction of lstc 1400-3000 2 – 4 weeks high. Kit manufactured in factory conditions, can be labeled. The use of welding. Not deformed. Environmental friendliness, durability. Seysmoustoychiv. Lower heating costs.

100% compatible with all building materials. Need ventilation. SIP-panel 4500-7800 1 – 2 weeks High. To build a platform supplied the panel with stuck windows, utility networks. High speed construction. Requires heavy machinery, special vehicles. All homes temporary accommodation. Porous concrete From 6000 more than 8 Slow weeks.

Box is assembled from individual elements – blocks of high insulation, refractories. Not susceptible to rotting and action of parasites. The costs of the foundation. After the shrinkage cracks. Lightweight concrete absorbs moisture, winter freezes and destroys the wall. Fixed timbering From 6000 average 3-4 weeks. Formwork components are manufactured at the factory. At the construction site, each block is set to manual, need assembly restraint staples. The best indicators of resistance heat. High fire resistance compared to wood. Sufficient strength. Technology is rapidly building. Very low prevalence. There are questions to environmental conditions and ventilation. casing – does not apply to eco-friendly materials. In addition to the cost of materials kit for the final cost of 1 sq. km. m building a home is influenced by the following factors: The cost of foundations – frame and panel houses on the metal and wooden frame, saves on the foundation, brick and concrete house can not stand the strain and require a device of capital foundations; Installation costs – the cost of installation kit, manufactured in the factory, are minimal, the cost of labor by using technology masonry (brick, cellular concrete) – maximal; Room finishing – finishing technology houses in the frame allow you to save on the finishing work: ventilated front implies the use of different materials, the inner side of plasterboard is finished principal for final finishing.