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Vaya River

Vishera – one of the most beautiful rivers in the Urals, a left tributary of the Kama River (which flows into the Gulf of Visherskii Kama reservoir). The length of the Vishera – 412 km, basin area – 30 990 square kilometers. The average height of the watershed is 317 meters. The average slope of […]

Sarny White

Ukraine – a very versatile, and hiking trails may lie not only in such well-worn tourist regions like Crimea or the Carpathians. In fall 2008 Agency adventure ‘UAdventures’ was organized by jeep – extreme – tour (visiting swamps and marshes) in the little-known places of Polesie. As it turned out to visit in Switzerland do […]

Aleshin Averkiyev

The first information on the Kizil-Koba appeared in print in 1843. Have long believed that the length of passages of the cave is about 2 km. However, once in 1957 to open a new course ('Shaman's throat'), were additionally examined and described more than 10 km of underground cavities – the grand halls and large […]

Tours And Travel In Europe. Sweden

Sweden – a generous country, ready to share its wealth with each – wide open spaces, fresh air, wildlife and clean water. And despite the fact that Sweden is considered one of the most modern and advanced both technically and socially countries are carefully related to traditions, preserve national identity and follow the preservation of […]

Spring Mountain Ranch Park

We offer the top five places in the open air: Cumberland Island, Georgia, just a few hours’ drive south of Savannah is a national coast-a haven for picnics. This pristine places in the Deep South for more than 50 kilometers hiking trails, beaches and camping. Paths lined with moss, and here as it is the […]

Russia ATV

So Some owners of ATV use all the tools, as well as a network to find people with similar interests, revolving around an excellent outdoor recreation. So there are whole clubs that bring people together with similar Regards. As a result, each necessarily big or small city in Russia already listed owner of the club […]

Places In The Crimea

This shows you the places in the Crimea. The village is situated in a beautiful and amazing location of the southern coast of Crimea. It is considered part of Simeiz and is located in north-west of it. The village is surrounded by enchanting natural attractions. Near the village are very beautiful Mount Ai-Petri ridges and […]

Brewer’s Day. Living Beer !

So, you've come to the brewery "Baltika". Here you will learn about brewing: how to get from barley malt, brewed wort, in which tanks roaming the beer, as it is bottled. Also see firsthand the brewing beer and visit the gallery. Now you have visited the Center 'Vityaz'Dlya you burst open the gates Friendly Center […]