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Brewer’s Day. Living Beer !

So, you've come to the brewery "Baltika". Here you will learn about brewing: how to get from barley malt, brewed wort, in which tanks roaming the beer, as it is bottled. Also see firsthand the brewing beer and visit the gallery. Now you have visited the Center 'Vityaz'Dlya you burst open the gates Friendly Center "Vityaz" and you find yourself in a medieval town filled with a special atmosphere on this day holiday. Around the sea of beer, fun, music and dancing. Here you meet the hospitable people – representatives of the famous brewing countries: the Bavarians, Irish, Scandinavian and Russian. They are in their own language will invite you to drink of the living beer and tell interesting stories about the traditions of brewing their own countries.

And then begins the main fun for the most active. You will see a spectacular show – duels in armor on this weapon. As well as residents demonstrate what the medieval games and entertainment is different this or that country. Fighting in the bag, throwing axes and sulits, Archery ride, funny dance and dance – all the best at brewing the holiday. Here everyone can express themselves and receive a charge of vivacity and good mood. It's time to eat. At the end of the holiday, we offer you barbecue on the fire. Extras: – sightseeing tour of the city of Tula with visiting historical and architectural ensemble "Tula Kremlin" – a tea party at the Center for Vityaz wood samovar with traditional Russian sweets – hotel accommodation