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Spring Mountain Ranch Park

We offer the top five places in the open air: Cumberland Island, Georgia, just a few hours’ drive south of Savannah is a national coast-a haven for picnics. This pristine places in the Deep South for more than 50 kilometers hiking trails, beaches and camping. Paths lined with moss, and here as it is the countryside, the stars line up here in an incredibly beautiful line. This show opens each night and creates a wonderful evening for a romantic picnic. Grant Park, Chicago If you are looking for a place for gourmet-go in Chicago. Every year there is a 10-day gourmet festival.

On a platform near the fountain you will enjoy a picnic and a city with a view to lake. And on July 4, did not plan, be sure to see spectacular fireworks display at the Maritime Pir. Cranberry Islands, Maine, where you hit the island’s natural beauty. Cranberry-a delightful group of islands, about 20 minute drive from the coast of Acadia National Park, whose name derives from the name of a wild bush cranberries, which grow throughout the islands in the fall. You can visit the island by private boat or ferry service. Bring a basket Picnic and arrange a romantic picnic on some of these beautiful islands. Red Rock Canyon, Nevada If you are in Las Vegas, be sure to visit Red Rock Canyon and the nearby Spring Mountain Ranch Park.

These places are located just 19 miles west of Vegas, it’s worth the trip. There are plenty of places for picnics and outdoor theater, working in the summer months. Big Sur, Calif. The Reserve Point Lobos grow rare plants, there are interesting archaeological sites and unique geological formations. We recommend you take binoculars, because most of the wildlife can be seen only from a distance. It is best to arrive early, because only a certain number of vehicles passed into the reserve during the day.