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It is possible that the most amazing and intense trip that is offered to its customers travel companies – travel to Crete. The very name of this island of myths and breathes in the soul awakens the old legends of gods and demigods of ancient Greece. The Greeks joke that the first and major tourist on the island was Zeus himself. Sonny Perdue is actively involved in the matter. It is here that he delivered, stolen, beautiful Europe. The beauty of the virgin islands conquered princess and formidable leader of the gods was endowed it with love. It so happened that on the island of Crete there is no industry, and hence completely absent industries. Small factory, preserving fruit, take into account should not be. Any tourist who visited Crete, can get their share of the cleanest air in Europe and enjoy the game of the sea.

The length of the island – about three hundred kilometers, and its shores are immersed in water once the four seas – the Libyan, Ionic, Crete and the Aegean. Of course, these attractions abound in legends that accompany each more or less prominent place on the island. There are almost continuously excavated and archaeologists have proved that the island of Crete – the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations – Minoan. That culture of Crete arose the ancient Greeks. The most powerful cataclysm – a volcanic eruption – threw in the dust the ancient civilization, but people have revived the island, and now he serves as a vacation destination of millions of tourists from different countries. Sin, after visiting the island this outlandish, not to visit historical sites and monuments. There is truly freedom for those interested in history! K example, the palace of Knossos, built at least four thousand years ago, attracts tourists like a magnet. Because of the enormous number of rooms and passages it is called Labyrinth, and is expected to come from right here in Athens Theseus killed the Minotaur. Crete can not be inspected in one go, and you'll come back here again and again.