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Palace Indian

Indian luxury trains name Palace on Wheels can be translated as "Palace on Wheels." Going into the car, you seem to fall into the era of the Maharajas of Oriental rulers. They say that this amazing structure was built specifically for the travel of Rajputana, Gujarat, Hyderabad Nizam and viceroy of British India, but today 14 air-conditioned deluxe-car on the requirements meet the highest international standards. Palace on Wheels – Royal world of the past, harmoniously combining eastern aesthetics and western comfort. The atmosphere of the bourgeois well convey the splendor of the compartment where the walls are covered with fine woods, vibrant Indian carpets, gold and bronze ornaments, spacious baths and fine linens. The restaurant's menu is rich delicacies of Indian, Chinese and European cuisine.

Here you can enjoy live music, famous masala tea, spicy vegetarian masterpieces and to feel the effects of local hot spices. A fascinating itinerary of the royal train begins in Delhi, the capital of India. In this journey you can see all the most famous places of the mysterious state of Rajasthan. The first stop of "Palace on Wheels" – a mystical Jaipur, where tourists will see a great Amber Fort and the famous snake charmers. Further Wildlife Refuge – National Park Ranthamhor, romantic city of Udaipur, the Thar Desert, the ancient Indian palaces of Agra and the monument to the great love – the famous Taj Mahal. Adventures in the fabulous India continued for 8 days. Most of the train goes at night and by day the passengers go to get acquainted with the culture and history of a great country. However, as part of a panoramic coach with panoramic windows, designed specifically for the night and romantics who want to plunge into the exotic world of the East.

Comfortable train travel can become not only the true pacification and rest, but also broaden my horizons and view of the world. While the guest is sleeping soundly in a comfortable deluxe-coupe, amazing train takes him to the palace in a distant city child's dream – the philosophy of the new luxury. Today there is no need to be a king or a Maharaja to go to adventure in a posh vip-train. Travel company Miracle offers a wide selection of exclusive routes to the most popular trains. Travel in comfort!