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September Story

Since they were born on September 15, 1810, Lupita and Cuauhtemoc lived in a magic cottage (the curve of time toward which they reacquired only one of every ten years); Magic was also his life, in which Ms. Gobe was responsible for everything and discuss them as his father Miguel, had built the magic House, dotandola of the wonderful riches that Ms. Guadalupe left his mother Mrs. homeland, so that they were happy. In the real world, outside the House, people had to study, strive and work for a living, but Cuauhtemoc and Lupita, while they studied and worked in another little thing, not had that endeavour, although he had to admit even among them differences were notable: white Lupita, of wavy black hair, tall and thin lucia proud their rich robesWhen he recited and played the piano in the room; for its part cuauhtemoc more well short, with straight hair that refused to comb he was poorly dressed, when medium he cleaned the House and why not say, why, you had something to envy and resentment to his sister. Many times Cuauhtemoc, claim you to Mrs.

Gobe differences that existed between the two, since while at the ordered you all the heavy work (although is towards the fool for not meeting them), was not receiving the same treatment as Lupita, that was only studying and flashy things. Mrs. Gobe on those occasions something gave him cuauhtemoc so it was passing it and not bother, but it never intended to give the same treatment awarded his spoiled lupita. When they met ten years things got difficult, to the extent that several of his relatives were in the House and mysteriously locked with Mrs. Gobe. Uncle Francisco wanted to fix things for good, but Uncle Victoriano take it off in the Middle, to what the guys Emiliano and Pancho reacted harshly and armo ball, until elentonces youngest of them, named Plutarch, understood with Mrs.