Cranberry Cottage

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Construction Cottage

Pockolku most citizens are not provided with enough to acquire a large and not very locks, here it will be to build a cottage. We offer a first study the possible costs of constructing and consider all the less important stage. First, you must first calculate the cost base. To do this: A need to define the type of ppochvy, B, to determine the material for the construction of the house (brick, wood, etc.). Well Corresponding to the above items to choose appropriate type of foundation. For example, lentochny foundation suitable for homes with large expected mascoy walls, ie brick or stone.

Essli soil so-called floating it is necessary to the construction of a solid foundation. His erect a total area of buildings in the form of a monolithic concrete slab or grating. The presence or absence of a ground floor also affects the cost of construction. Then you necessary to determine the type of floor. Naturally, with the maximum performance of such qualities as strength, hardness, sound insulation and fire resistance, the overlap will be the most expensive. By the way, during construction cottage, the cost ceiling of 15-20% of all costs. Very, very importantly, what you decide to wall cottage. At present, construction technologies are sufficiently developed, so the choice of material for the walls rather wide, ranging from traditional to modern brick and concrete blocks.

Therefore, at this stage, all thumbnails depends on the imagination, Means building owner, as well as the capabilities of the contractor. Roof. Ect the opportunity to make Warm roof – do it. This will allow you to increase the living space of the cottage through the attic floor. All this, in fact, only the actual construction phase racchet cottage, and yet still need to communications: water supply, sewerage, electricity and so on. More information on each item to learn more about the consultants construction company, which already accumulated considerable experience in building houses.