Cranberry Cottage

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Cottage Cheese

1 pack of cottage cheese (I have a pack of 9% cottage cheese 250 grams) 1 cup rice (I figure 'Jasmine') 2 cups milk (for cooking rice) 2 cups frozen berries may be larger (pitted cherries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries all that love) – I've got 300 grams of frozen pitted cherries. 1 package vanilla sugar 5 tbsp semolina with slide + 2 for sprinkling 1 egg shape cup sour cream 3 tbsp sugar to request more if sour grapes. Pereteret grainy curd through a sieve to avoid lumps (can not fray, if cheese is not homogeneous and granular). Boil rice in milk. Berries thaw, discard in a colander to glass liquid. Beat egg and sugar to a froth, add the rice (ready), cottage cheese, vanilla sugar, berries, 3 tablespoons decoys and mix well. I also added raisins.

2 tablespoons semolina mixed with a glass of sour cream for 30 minutes. If a strongly thickened can be thinned with sour cream, yogurt or milk. Carrier is the source for more interesting facts. The form of grease sprinkled decoy or breadcrumbs, pour the batter. Top of fluff decoy with sour cream which insisted for 30 minutes in the oven Serve with sour cream or jam