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The Fishing Village Fazana

Fazana is a small fishing village on coast of Istria in Croatia. The village is situated on the Croatian coast, eight miles northwest of Pula. Fazana has a small port with a beautiful beach promenade. A voyage to the island of Brijuni, which is also a national park enables the small port. Already in ancient times was inhabited Fazana and the time of the Roman Empire, it grew into a significant commercial center. In the late Middle Ages Fazana was then involved in a naval battle, so that large parts of the village were destroyed. The small fishing village could still get his old village, which was shortly afterwards but was rebuilt.

In the course of many present-day attractions were built. Over time these have been restored and renewed again and again. The small church of St. Maria del Carmine, for example, one of these Sights. It includes Renaissance frescoes from the 15th And in the 17th century Century expanded. The parish church of St.

Cosmas and Damian on the other hand has a distinctive style. A few kilometers away, the church of St. Elegius was again in the sixth Century Byzantine polygonal apse was built. For this reason the Fazana to a variety of art historical periods. Today Fazana forms with a Valbandon Gemeindet, live in the only 4000 people. Many of them live on traditional activities such as fishing and agriculture. Because of its special charm now, tourism has gained a foothold in Fazana and taken a high priority. 900 years ago Fazana was first mentioned as a parish. To date, the deep faith is rooted in the people. As an enthusiastic tourist stronghold Fazana with many offers. From go climbing, hiking and biking to fishing, golfing and scuba diving offers Fazana sporting activities. Cultural attractions invite you to stand and stare. The events calendar is packed for a Range of catering services and recreational opportunities will be provided. Whether you want to do on holiday now so something to see and admire or want to learn about the traditional side of the small fishing village and its inhabitants, is offered for all interests in Fazana something.