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ABAS United States Opened New Offices In Canada

ABAS ERP brings flexibility and upgradeability to the Canadian market Vancouver/Toronto, Canada, July 20, 2010 – the ABAS business solutions Canada is the new abas software partners in Canada. The subsidiary company of ABAS United States headquartered in Vancouver and Toronto offers existing and future customer support and service on site. Numerous companies have already decided growth in Canada in Canada for the abas business software, that can also convince through their flexibility, ease of use and a quick ROI. Alan Salton, CEO of the ABAS business solutions Canada, explains: “our medium-sized ERP solution for production and trade is excellent from the Canadian market assumed. We were able to increase the sales of five months in a row. Therefore we have decided to strengthen our presence in Canada and to open two new offices in Vancouver and Toronto.” Flexibility and upgradeability of the abas business software is always on the newest State of the art. Each year are about 30% of the ERP system revised. With the annual upgrade, the user receives numerous improvements and enhancements that help him to optimise substancerelated and company-internal processes and to enhance the competitiveness.

So has integrated the latest version of the abas business software a DMS (document management system) and offers numerous forecasting capabilities, as well as additional functionality in the area of CRM and service management. ABAS eB is evident after a relaunch with a new face. The latest version includes a new GUI and advanced functionality in the areas of remote service and Web-EDI. The layered architecture of abas business software allows you to customize the system simply to individual requirements and to remain fully upgradeable. An upgrade over all functions of the software can be in the evening or on weekends without losing individual adjustments. One globe – one network – one ABAS ABAS is on the international market a leading provider of flexible and upgradeable ERP and eBusiness software, which in many Industries used by medium-sized manufacturing and trading company.