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. This system was that revolutionized EBAY.90% Of ebay sales are with this method that can provide sales every day and in a substantial way. That is dropshipping?.Because it’s basically selling something that we don’t have, through a platform of purchase/venta(ebay,mercado libre,etc..)This type of sale can be made anywhere in the world. For example: anywhere […]

Kirchner Government

JOSE BRECHNER the secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. -Thucydides the new media law which wants to adopt the Argentine Congress to limit freedom of expression, is the most extreme measure in the list of abuses that the Kirchner Government has been adding for abusing power. The law that was […]

Team Members

So it can actually work on computer the first thing that must be taken is a group of competent people (with the knowledge, skills and motivation to do well what to do) and there must be the following requirements: that all members of the team maintain respectful interpersonal relationships based on job role. That the […]

Pedraza Alternative

The haystack of Pedraza, alternative to holiday on the beach always have dissembled season rental and vacation to the beach and the summer months. Increasingly is being imposed the vacation rentals for the interior tourism, cultural and tourism above all as a choice of accommodation cheaper than traditional hotels. The rise of Inns, cottages also […]

Santa Marta

Today has many pages of free ads, segmented by area and/or category poscas are limited to a single field or subject, in the case of accommodation in colombia in the cities of Cartagena, Santa Marta, among many others there is one that specializes in only ads for apartments, houses and cottages dedicated to rent for […]