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HOW ARE THE EMOS Covering half his face with a lock of hair, black dress with tight clothes, makeup your eyes, and represent a sad and melancholy figure, are the Emos, a tribe of young people is colonizing the schools, streets, shopping centers and places of rumba in the country. Many parents still wonder who […]

Cocina Molecular The

Cocina Molecular The creme de la creme on new trends Molecular cuisine is introducing chemical elements (eg liquid nitrogen) or combining those whose molecular composition is compatible for the preparation of their dishes. In recent years the use of techniques and molecular science in the kitchen has been introduced in the preparation of recipes of […]

Occurrence chromium is

Occurrence chromium is obtained from the chromite (FeCr2O4). Chromium is obtained commercially by heating the chromite in the presence of aluminum or silicon (through a process of reduction). About half of the South African chromite ore is extracted. Also obtained in large quantities in Kazakhstan, India and Turkey untapped deposits are abundant, but are geographically […]