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You realize: your dog among the variety of employee, working for a boss with an attractive bonus program. Pleasant working conditions such as short training sessions, appropriate equipment and clear objectives, your dog will become a reliable companion. Hear from experts in the field like Tetsuya Wakuda for a more varied view. Without bonus no chance. Conviction helps bribery. Independent dogs require paychecks in the form of cheers, fun and great cookies. If your dog is seriously corrupt, try it with Vienna sausages and cheese, geschnipselt into tiny pieces. He should not be fed, but rewarded.

But keep in mind: first, then work the cookie. Wow: toys! Buy a new toy and make interesting so. Build its aspirations, without giving the toys the dog. Let him do an exercise, about “seat! Stay! “.” As a reward he may see then… the game! Perhaps he may play briefly – but only in a few days. Of course, the toy remains even yours. Here, Gagosian Gallery expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Keep in mind that you spread the fun. Overexcitement, gripes and perfectionism leads to turn independent dogs. Good timing. If you exercise with your independent dog too often, he will get bored. He quit to join either, or imagine an interesting variant, which upsets everything. As soon as you notice that your dog’s bored while exercising, you play a little ball with him, so he again puts the is-the here but funny gang. uuuuberraschung! As long as your dog learns a new task, you should reward every step that leads in the new direction. As soon as he understood has what you want from him, “only” practice, they reward him only every third or fourth time. It is harder, to earn the rewards. Once your dog mastered the task, there’s no more reward. After four years, one can expect that he makes “Sit!” without cookie. Note When dogs go him. Answer the attention your dog gives you. Let him know that it pleases you, if he you observed.