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Kirchner Government

JOSE BRECHNER the secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. -Thucydides the new media law which wants to adopt the Argentine Congress to limit freedom of expression, is the most extreme measure in the list of abuses that the Kirchner Government has been adding for abusing power. The law that was approved in the first instance at deputies, restricts the quantity and diversity of media that can manage a company. Applied under other headings, it would be as a rancher is not authorized to sell milk or leather if it sells meat, or give him quotas and restricted sale areas. The new law not only attentive against freedom of expression but against free enterprise. The only two instruments which the common citizen has to protect its freedom and heritage against the power of the State. Without freedom of expression nor of undertaking, the name given to the system is: communism.

The Clarin group, responsible for the mess and main victim of the proposed regulations, is not exactly wanted by the citizenship, but it is not the Government. Clarin is possibly the most powerful society of the Argentina, controlled newspapers, radios, TV channels, internet providers and many businesses of great magnitude in other areas. Its internet and cable services are expensive, they are not of the best, are sold with misleading advertising, attention offered to the customer is deplorable. If a user makes any complaint or need a repair, can’t wait hours or days for someone to treat you, and not quite willingly. Its competitors are not higher. The philosophy of the Argentine companies is: the company is always right. They consider make a favor to consumers by selling them their products. Instead of optimizing the commercial conditions, allowing unrestricted competition, so that others may venture into the telecommunications market, curb the low quality of the existing offer, reducing costs to the consumer, expanding the currents of opinion, decreasing the power he enjoyed by mega corporations.