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David Orr

If the man is not well obtains same, as will be able to make and to spread the good in the space where is inserted and with they surround that it? The current society based in a wild economic system that searchs the profit all the cost, has contributed greatly this crisis when promoting the […]

Social Education

The collection of seeds is made manually or through podo. The seeds directly are sown on seedbeds or packings for changes, adjusting specifically for each type of seed. It is important to start this type of work since early so that one exists preservation awareness. As example of the importance of the preservation, we have […]

Roman People

It is only to stop to confuse. The measures that really would help, that they could ' ' to save planeta' ' , these are not taken. Nobody never sees one of great ' ' heroes of planeta' ' considering that all the countries diminish its production and increase its internal equality, as form of […]