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Read and write is definitely, but I also ride we have an own Iceland horse, playing trombone, do in the Theatre Club at my school and mix alcoholic cocktails. “T.h.: the legends of Aspen Valley – the escape” is the title of your first book publication. That it involves fantasy, we know what but is it exactly? A.V.: The main character is on the small the obscure soldier of Sanrio by gene Wettstein, Castle Elbenstein the command runs. At the beginning of my book, the actually exiled goblins invading small, green-skinned bandits in the Aspen Valley and ravage the border castles. In the battle of Elbenstein, Sanrio and his companions must pursue a traitor who knows ostensibly to a dangerous secret. And while Sanrio and its companion increasingly recognize that their hunting becomes an escape from the Goblinarmee, the Blood Prince of the goblins are planning to conquer all Aspen Valley.

In addition to hideous monsters such as the Seelenpirscher, deserters and obstacles of nature it gets even with his past love and his surprising fate to do Sanrio. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Expedia Group. T.H.: I personally have written since my tenth year of life always in a book. Are you as well? What are you writing now? A.V.: Initially there was another story in Atlantis, which I then but rejected. To > escape < I worked very intensively. Currently I write part II, have planned in my head but part III and design along the way from time to small plays. T.H.: I wish you all the best for your future and thank you for the interview. I’m going to give you the final word. A.V..: I have to thank. I would like to encourage any young people who wants just to start writing. I write more as it comes, maybe you want to plan it. No matter how or what, if you have an idea, tried it. To the content of the book: as rumors about marauding Goblinbanden the small border Castle Elbenstein reach, Captain Sanrio not suspects, that this marks the beginning of a long journey. While the battle for the fortress rages, he receives a fateful command by his mentor. At the same time dark powers awakened in various places and the blood Princes of the Goblinarmee plan cruel deeds. So he approached a trip faced him powerful creatures and his dark past not only with the myriad dangers of Aspen Valley, but also with betrayal, love, currently the second fantasy novel by Alexander Vaassen is situated in the correction, the the Continuation of the first work is. This book will appear likely to Engelsdorfer Verlag, which has its headquarters in the traditional city of Leipzig. Bibliographic details: Alexander Vaassen: “The legends of Aspen Valley flight” ISBN 978-3-86901-661-0, 1st Edition 2009, Engelsdorfer Verlag, paperback, 404 pages, price: 16.00 euro (D) author of the press release: Tino Hemmann