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. This system was that revolutionized EBAY.90% Of ebay sales are with this method that can provide sales every day and in a substantial way. That is dropshipping?.Because it’s basically selling something that we don’t have, through a platform of purchase/venta(ebay,mercado libre,etc..)This type of sale can be made anywhere in the world. For example: anywhere in Spain you can cost a radio with touch screen, bluetooth, DVB-t, gps and dual zone by about 600 to 1000 euros.Because inscriviendote one page droppshiper these prices can be reduced to 250 euros.Imagine the profit margin that you can get to win!. A place where you store your products do you not need.The wholesaler takes care of everything.You put the announcement on the platform of purchase/sale.The wholesaler to be registered, have a chance of download photos and the technical characteristics of the product. Well, we have made the announcement and they have bought us.Then the buyer that you bought you, has commanded you the shipping address.The only thing that you have to worry it is of order to the wholesaler, and shipping address, would be that you have purchased to you.Wholesale bags and sends this business system is extending this vertiginous way.Mira schema I propose now can that you resueva any questions.

There is no limit on earnings and only investment is minimal.Put the ad who can be that you get it free or may have to pay 1 euro.Como you can check is a system that has endless possibilities. You can have the amount of products on sale that you want, you put the limit!. RECOMMENDATIONS – Always use paypal, this is the way most safe making transactions on the internet and has insurance that covers about 300 euros both for the buyer and the seller. -Do you offer very big things, tries to offer products that weigh less than 3 kgs, so moving and shipping are minors and you win more! -Never do dropship somewhere you can see on the Internet the dropshippers legal and reliable are those which are found in a directory and usually pays for access, if you want it make out in dubious pages, the more secure is that they cheated (what you pay for registration you will save many headaches). I hope you’ve been able to help! Original author and source of the article.