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Team Members

So it can actually work on computer the first thing that must be taken is a group of competent people (with the knowledge, skills and motivation to do well what to do) and there must be the following requirements: that all members of the team maintain respectful interpersonal relationships based on job role. That the achievement of the objectives motivate all members that all members of the team are considered important in the achievement of the final outcome of the work of the team that all members of the team know how to operate in the absence of the executive officers, all members of the team have sense of belonging that all members of the team are aware of their roles and responsibilities to all team members that all members of the team respect existing hierarchies respect the authority that all members of the team have self-discipline (not requiring constant supervision) that recognition for achievements is for the whole team any working group that meets the above mentioned requirements can be considered a true team. But to achieve the above, which is not normally simple, can be done with the following recommendations: the first thing is that everyone understands the importance of what they do as equipment and failure to achieve it without individual participation, by very small to be. (For example: in a telecommunications company, the technicians are very important, but if service personnel to customer does not not give it properly, it is not a good company to your users or customers). You must delimit functions of each who so that it does not duplicate or wasted efforts, nor occur professional intrusions. Is indispensable for managers (or the leaders of the teams) are open to provide a stimulus and recognition before any act to a member of the team and that be a contribution to cohesion and proper functioning of the same.

This plus does not offer a stimulus material when the situation requires it. Individualize the worker and respect at all times in their physical integrity and morality, is a fundamental element to form work teams copies. Call people by name and know who they are, worrying about the worker as a human being (father, brother, husband) and their family members will strengthen the satisfaction, motivation and cohesion to the objectives coprorativos. Feedback to people about errors that may come to commit and make recommendations for the future, as well as feedback on individual and group performance, are elements that allow you to each person and group in general to go monitor their management, know that they are doing well and that should do a little more. Trust in the capabilities and the criteria of people. Comprometalos to work well, recognizing them the importance of what they do and be example and model of quality human and professional. Original author and source of the article.