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He was the

He was the son of Juan Martinez Sandoval and Agueda Gonzalez of Alcala. She contracted Gregoria de Escobar with nuptials, widow of Marcos de Cortabarria, a native of Cartagena, and daughter of Cristobal de Escobar and Dona Isabel Sanchez de los Reyes, residents of Madrid.Serving in the army for many years, especially in Flanders and […]

Portable gaming

The first portable video game that was released the Game Boy on April 21, 1989 in Japan for Nintendo’s hand. In its prototype stage name was Dot Matrix Game inspired by the Game and Watch machines. Is powered by batteries, and allowed to play anywhere and several games. The first Game Boy had to face […]

Physical characteristics

The area includes the bottom of the basin interior largest lake in Argentina with a tectonic origin of post-Pliocene age. The large system of wetlands that comprise the terminal portion of the Rio Dulce (Rio Petri) includes two major subsystems: the flood valley of the Rio Dulce (Rio Petri) with its associated wetlands and the […]