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Design Studios

Bouquets of flowers – this is primarily an expression of their feelings and emotions to the person to whom we present the flowers. On various occasions we present bouquets of beautiful flowers, from birth flowers accompany us in life. Flowers express a our emotions and our relationship to the person, when we are no longer […]


Properties of wild berries are well known in pharmacology and medicine. From them prepare medicinal jams, juices, which saturate the body with vitamins, strengthen the immune system, have an antiseptic effect. Antioxidants, which are contain an abundance of wild berries and prevent the aging process. It is because of the fruits and berries have become […]

Spring Mountain Ranch Park

We offer the top five places in the open air: Cumberland Island, Georgia, just a few hours’ drive south of Savannah is a national coast-a haven for picnics. This pristine places in the Deep South for more than 50 kilometers hiking trails, beaches and camping. Paths lined with moss, and here as it is the […]

Writing Work

Without the daily workouts, it is inconceivable, as a sport like any other profession. And if you think that all the writers first make money, not to work and then sit down to do, then you are grossly mistaken. One well-known writer, before becoming such, he worked at different jobs. At the same time find […]

Dragon Ball

Throughout the series the dose was repeated, whenever someone tries to take over the world, almost always evil gods, young face above him and manage to overcome them. Simple but substantial. With a philosophy of never giving up no matter the odds, is one of the best series that I have to remember, with images […]

Specific Methodology

In this scene, from what it was rank, the education of geography goes to allow that the pupils make relations of systemize form of its realities, despertando them for the understanding of its space organization. Of this form, this education model will have as objective, to form citizens, what it differs from the neoliberal politics […]