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Roman People

It is only to stop to confuse. The measures that really would help, that they could ' ' to save planeta' ' , these are not taken. Nobody never sees one of great ' ' heroes of planeta' ' considering that all the countries diminish its production and increase its internal equality, as form of combat to the ambient crisis. Nobody sees these heroes considering an exchange of ambientalistas technologies between all the nations. Nobody sees, because these steps are great excessively for the courage of ours ' ' heris' '. The false morality and the false love for the nature that sprout frequent of the mouth of these people have a terrible collateral effect: World finishes convincing the remaining portion it of that you provide them to all possible are being taken. Thanks to ours ' ' heris' ' , people think things as ' ' Not necessary to stop to consume descontroladamente, and our world does not need to move of idea what it is progress, after all of accounts already is using cloth bag to make purchases! ' ' The propaganda of that everything is if making to save the environment finishes making with that nothing it is made to save the environment.

Ccero, great lawyer and Roman senator, said a phrase that if incases well in this situation: ' ' Any badly that it leaves to make provokes the same gratitude as if another one had soldier on barrack duty of inflicted-lo' '. Our planet does not need heroes. Heroes are people necessary in places in which all the other people act of wrong form. What we need exactly is that all the people change its attitudes, to become these facts ' ' hericos' ' obsolete.