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Social Education

The collection of seeds is made manually or through podo. The seeds directly are sown on seedbeds or packings for changes, adjusting specifically for each type of seed. It is important to start this type of work since early so that one exists preservation awareness. As example of the importance of the preservation, we have that a tree of 40 meters of height takes 10 years growing, wants to say, what the man destroys in three or four minutes of motion saws, the necessary nature of at least one decade restituting. To preserve is a form to guarantee the future of our planet and the new generations. Currently, the ambient preservation if practically becomes obligator in the whole world, which had to the serious consequences originated for the degradation of the environment, being the preservation the only way to brighten up or even though to finish with such consequences.

4. Carried through Social projects in the Arboretum Also coligados to the project, exist another lesser social text projects that they enclose since the infantile ambient education to the re-education of prisoners of the neighboring penitentiary complexes. 4.1. Ambient education for Children In partnership with the NEA, the Arboretum Project carries through a social action with the children of infantile education and of the basic education of the neighboring schools. In the space of the Arboretum workshops of ambient education are carried through, where the children learn on basic principles of collection of seeds, production of changes and plantation in the field. These activities are carried through of playful form, with reading of histories, games, gincanas, musics, legends, fbulas and poetries, everything stimulating the artistic and cultural development, finishing with the elaboration of texts and drawings on the worked subject, objectifying the awareness on the necessity to preserve and to conserve the natural environment. The project of ambient education uses interacionistas methodologies, so that the involved ones can understand that the relation between education and environment depends on the participation of all, since the education institutions until the population, in all its levels.