Cranberry Cottage

Every Table Can Offer Delicious Meals

David Orr

If the man is not well obtains same, as will be able to make and to spread the good in the space where is inserted and with they surround that it? The current society based in a wild economic system that searchs the profit all the cost, has contributed greatly this crisis when promoting the consumerism therefore, ' ' a world repleto of societies that consume more than what they are capable to produce and more than what the planet can support ecolgica&#039 is an impossibility; ' (DAYS, 2004, P. 19 apud CALABRI, P. 79), and also when stimulating the valuation of the people for what they possess and not for what they are in its essence. In this direction, it has a depreciation of the character, the ethics, the principles and a dither to the public image, what the people make look like to have and represent inside of the society, fed for the televising programs and propagandas that are the biggest formadores of public opinion, which spread out the inversion of values and fortify atica and axiolgica society, based in wastefulness and in the artificial necessities. According to David Orr (1992 apud S, p.72), ' ' the current crisis is fruit of pathological conditions of the conscience humana' ' , that is, the human being is not in normal conditions of conscience, has something of abnormal person, is of the place, has disabled that to perceive it the gravity of the problem that we face.

Moreover, this system is based on the subservincia of the nature ' ' (…) presenting it as natural beauty, it is used of it, it dominates it unconditionally explores and it without reserves, modesties, conscience for futuro.' ' (WHITE, 2003, P. 8 apud CALABRI, P. 79). In this direction, the nature is seen as dissociada of the man, a dismissable object, inside of a cartesian vision of this relation as if this was possible.