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Work Competitiveness

The biggest paradigm is to admit that the strategical remuneration is not COST, is a progress factor, that stimulates the processes of continuous improvement, increases the internal competitiveness searching it external competitiveness. To break this paradigm is to arrebentar the mooring cables that keep the old brains anchored in old and exceeded remuneration concepts, where searchs to feed the idea that to make overtime are reinforcement in the unbalanced wage, is to admit that the wages they are really low. this culture is not strengthened when &#039 is introduced; ' banks of horas' ' , where if it has the illusion of exchange of remuneration per days of rest. Retrocession! To so only pay wages through description of activities with definitions of responsibility levels, leadership, capacity to solve problems, etc., is to line up the internal wages to the external ones, is to adjust it the market of wages, not meaning recognition. This is important, but, insufficient to alavancar the company in quality terms, productivity, competitiveness and comprometimento. The wage is only one tool to take care of the basic necessities of the individual, is only the contribution of the lesser part of a position. You are welcome it advances to want to have a strategical RH without its effective participation of the future organizacionais strategies.

The RH of today is charged to generate resulted without knowing what it expects of it. All the work of the RH is engaged due to a bridge between organizacionais strategies and the proper department. The necessary planning to initiate itself for the RH, preparing it for attendance of the future strategies, in terms of people, future abilities, objectives and type of benefits and remuneration to be adopted for the reach of these goals. The existing depression between the organizacionais objectives and the RH, is the cataract of a future vision, what it comes to strenghten that the communication lack, in all the levels, affects and compromises the efficiency and the effectiveness of the work to be developed by the RH.